The Workshop

The workshop will be held at the Faculty of Sciences of the Eötvös University (ELTE) in Budapest. The aim of the workshop is to discuss new directions in BSM physics in light of results from the LHC and dark matter experiments.


The number of talks will be limited to 30 in order to facilitate interactions among the participants. We are planning to have 3.5 hours of talks daily so that substantial time is left for discussion and collaboration. There will be a registration fee of HUF 20000 (about $70) and will cover the coffee breaks and a banquet dinner.


Csaba Csáki (Cornell)
Gábor Cynolter (Eötvös)
David E. Kaplan (Hopkins)
Sándor Katz (Eötvös)
Sal Lombardo (Cornell)
Dániel Nógrádi (Eötvös)
Ofri Telem (Cornell)