Registration deadline:        August 15, 2015

The main goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers actively working on problems suffering from a sign (or complex action) problem in various areas of physics. The format is intended to be an informal one with a few longer review talks and contributed talks. Ample time will be left for discussions.

Previous Workshops:  

2009 ECT*, Trento2012 University of Regensburg2014 GSI, Darmstadt  

Scientific program: No thematic or other restriction will be applied beyond the one appearing in the title of the workshop.

Location: Atomki, lecture hall, building XII, Bem ter 18/c, Debrecen, Hungary. You have to enter the Atomki site through the gate from Poroszlay street and then go straight to the farthest entrance of building XII. The lecture hall is on the top floor there.

Time: Sept. 29 (Tuesday) 9am - Oct. 2 (Friday) 4pm, 2015
(Central European Daylight Saving Time: GMT+2, the same as in most of Western Europe).

Accommodation: There are several hotels in walking distance, and some others easily accessible by tram from Atomki. Some of the nearby hotels are Villa Hotel, Centrum Hotel, Hotel Obester, Hotel Aquaticum , Hotel Lycium , Hotel Divinus. More budget-conscious options include Sport Hotel and Peterfia Panzio. Participants are expected to book their own hotel rooms.

Registration fee: HUF 15k (about EUR 50), to be paid in cash on the spot.

Travel information

Travel by car: Debrecen is about 220kms to the east of Budapest. From Budapest you can reach Debrecen via motorway M3-M35 in about 2 hours. Please make sure that you buy a 10-day motorway pass when you enter the country.

Fly to Budapest: From Budapest airport you can take bus 200E in the direction of Kobanya Kispest . The fastest way to go is to get off the bus at Ferihegy vasutallomas and catch an IC train to Debrecen. IC trains run once an hour and you can check the schedule online . Please note that seat reservation on IC trains is compulsory. Food and beverages are not available on the train.

If you wish to have a drink or something to eat before heading to Debrecen, instead of getting off the bus at Ferihegy vasutallomas, you should take the bus all the way to Kobanya Kispest, where there is a mall. The direct IC train to Debrecen also stops there.

The bus from the airport runs in about every 10 minutes. From the airport it takes roughly 10 minutes to get to Ferihegy vasutallomas and 20 minutes to Kobanya Kispest

Of course, you can also take a taxi from the airport to the railway station. An alternative is to take an Airport Shuttle directly to Debrecen. However, you need to book that in advance. Two possible companies that you can travel with are Civis transzfer and El-szallit.

Train from Vienna: If you are not taking the direct Vienna-Debrecen train in the evening then you have to change in Budapest. The best way to do that is to get off in Budapest at the sation called Kelenfold and transfer to the train going to Kobanya Kispest, from where you can take a direct IC train to Debrecen (see above). Please note that recently, because of the migrant crisis, there have been disruptions in the train service through the Austria-Hungary border. You should check the situation here

Money: The local currency in Hungary is Hungarian forint (HUF). The simplest and possibly cheapest way (depending also on your bank) to get cash is to use the widely available ATM-s. Major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere in shops, restaurants, etc. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to avoid both buying and selling HUF outside of Hungary. Rates there are much less favorable.

Getting around in Debrecen: Most of the hotels and also Atomki are along the tram line 1 that leaves from the main railway station. You can buy single tickets at newsstands or small grocery stores for 300 HUF. It is also possible to buy the ticket from the driver on the tram, but there it costs 400 HUF and you need small change.